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by Hannah Leonard, conference producer, Post


One speaker highlighted that fraud has become a national past time along with football and baking!


Fraud 2014 brought together the leading practitioners, specialists and industry figures from across the country to discuss the latest developments and share know-how, on how we can beat this constantly evolving threat.

This year's highlights included:

  • Oliver Morley's (CEO, DVLA) update on the massive leaps forward the DVLA is making by going digital and the impacts that MyLicence will have on screening fraud at the point of purchase.
  • Matt Mills' (commercial director, Featurespace) case study on Betfair illustrated how we can block suspicious behaviour in real time.
  • Debating over whether technology will ever replace that ‘gut feeling' instinct in fraud detection.
  • Neil Thomas (director of investigative services, APU Limited) questions should telematics be regarded as an independent expert witness to help tackle motor insurance claims?
  • The final panel of the day ended in a heated debate over industry wide collaborations with conflicting opinions on all sides.

Fraud 2014 photo

Fraud 2014 photo

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Next year the Fraud event will be changing, to get involved in the exciting development of the exclusive Fraud Summit 2015 please get in touch.


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